Here’s what our visitors say:

“A tour of this museum gives the visitor a good look at so much: the life of Peaks Island, the history of the Civil War and its people, battles and artifacts, interesting late 19th century architecture, and a lovely garden.”

“We loved this museum. It's a must see on the island.”
Season 2020 update

Dear Friends of the Fifth Maine Museum,

As of September 6, 2020 we are closed for the season. However, we can still accommodate visits to the museum by appointment during the month of September and early October. Please call us at 207-766-3330 if you would like to schedule a visit!

Despite our shortened season due to COVID-19 restrictions, it felt wonderful to open the museum to the public this year. Visitors were enthusiastic about the interesting history of Peaks Island and the Fifth Maine Regiment brought to life by our exhibits and docents.

We extend a huge thank you to our docents, volunteers, and staff who went above and beyond to keep the museum open this year. A skeleton crew of just 19 people managed to keep the museum open all season!! Many of our volunteers worked seven, eight, or even nine times over the course of the summer. We are so grateful for their remarkable dedication, and we simply could not have been open without them.

I would also like to thank our board members for their contributions. Whenever possible during this strange "pandemic year," board members preserved our funds by taking on tasks such as cleaning, gardening, painting, and doing construction projects.

We are hopeful that the 2021 season will bring back our evening programs, our popular fundraisers, and some brand new, fun-filled events! We will be working behind the scenes all winter to make it happen. Watch our calendar for updates! Or sign up for our e-newsletter to get the latest information, on the “SUPPORT” page of our website.

Feel free to call us directly at 207-766-3330 with any questions or concerns. Although we are currently closed, we check the voicemails left on that number all year long.

Stay safe and be well,
Susan Hanley
President, Board of Directors

Peaks Island’s History Museum

New for Spring 2020:

Terrible Swift Sword:
Civil War Weapons and Ordnance

We are pleased to announce a new permanent exhibition showcasing some of the most significant Civil War-era weapons and armaments in the Fifth Maine Museum collection, entitled Terrible Swift Sword: Civil War Weapons and Ordnance.

The culmination of several year’s work, the exhibit features weapons carried or collected by the soldiers of the Fifth Maine Regiment, one of the Union Army’s most celebrated fighting regiments.  The objects include muskets and a pistol, a Navy carbine, a bayonet, swords, shells, and projectiles. They represent both the Confederate and Union armies. The purpose-built case will ensure the newly cleaned weapons are properly preserved for generations to come.

The Fifth Maine veterans kept these remarkable artifacts in their reunion hall on Peaks Island, built in 1888 and used by the men and their families as a summer retreat until the 1940s.

The exhibit is guest curated by Eric Champigny, a Civil War researcher, collector, and author.

Peaks Island in the 1970s: Building a Community

The 1970s were a tumultuous time, but it was a watershed decade in the history of Peaks Island, when many of the essential organizations islanders depend on today were formed.

This temporary exhibit features over 50 never before exhibited photographs, publications, scrap books, posters, and maps depicting life on the island in this “lost” decade. This is the final year of the exhibit, which will be dismounted when the museum closes this year on October 12, 2020.