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The Fifth Maine Regiment Museum collects, preserves, exhibits, and interprets objects, photographs, documents, and other materials relating to:

  1. Peaks Island history
  2. the history of the Fifth Maine Regiment in the American Civil War
  3. the Fifth Maine Regiment’s veterans, generally

If you are interested in donating your Peaks Island artifacts or Fifth Maine Regiment artifacts to the collection, please contact our curator.

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There will be a series of blog posts under the title – “Behind the scenes at the Fifth Maine Museum”  (Does this page support blog posts?)

1887 article Biddeford newspaper

According to this Biddeford Daily Journal, July 22, 1887 article, the Fifth Maine Regiment discussed the purchase of a lot on Long Island (Maine) to build a building there. A few months later they changed their minds, and decided to build on Peaks Island instead. We’re glad they did!

Almost exactly one year later, they held their 1888 reunion in their new building on Peaks, in what is now the Fifth Maine Regiment Museum.