Large Seasonal Urn to honor or celebrate an individual


Personalize a Fifth Maine Museum large urn with a seasonal planting to honor or celebrate an individual!



Early pictures of the 5th Maine show veterans posed around urns they used to decorate the building. While those urns have disappeared, celebrating special moments and honoring loved ones with floral tributes remains a powerful symbol today. We are happy to resume the veterans’ tradition of plant-filled urns with seasonal plantings of our own.

Personalize these seasonal planters as unique, named gifts to a loved one, friend, neighbor, or colleague. Traditionally, the urns at the 5th Maine were used as memorials by the veterans and their families. But we would like to suggest a broader range of options such as:

  • In celebration of our mother Jane Casco’s 90th birthday
  • In recognition of our son Jason Whaleback’s graduation from college
  • In memory of our very loved dog, Pluto
  • In acknowledgement of the contributions to the Peaks Island community of Michele and Angelo Givers

The dedication can be whatever you would like it to be!

Every dedication will be acknowledged publicly in the urn or hanging planter, in front of the Museum, and on the 5th Maine website. The person being honored will receive a card and photo to notify them of your gift. In the case of a memorial gift, the card will be sent to a designated person. You can also choose to make your gift anonymous to the public, and we will just notify your honoree.

Your gift will remain in place for the season during which the urns or planters were created (spring, summer, autumn, winter) so that you can bring friends and family to visit the museum, see the beautiful arrangement, have a picnic on our porch, and drink in our spectacular view!

Thank you for supporting the Fifth Maine Museum!!

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